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Developing Christian Faith

Living out the Christian faith is not easy in the fast changing and incredibly complicated world in which we live. Recently, for example, have seen an amazing struggle between concerns for public safety and the protection of individual liberty. There is growing concern about climate change and limited natural resources, the power of multinationals and the need to encourage fair trade, the growing divide between the rich and poor, and the devastating results of the worldwide AIDS epidemic.

It is vitally important that as Christians we attempt to engage with our complex world. If we don't, then we are in danger of being irrelevant and out of touch. Our Diocese is currently encouraging us through a programme entitled 'Living the Story - Telling the Story'. It also offers a variety of courses ranging from one day workshops to courses for those wishing to become readers spiritual directors. Within the three churches in our benefice we have various Bible study groups, one-off meetings on topical issues and opportunities for meditation. We also join with other churches in the town for Lent and Advent courses. All of these opportunities are aimed at developing our faith and relating it to our situation.

The clergy also offer Early Communion preparation classes for children and young people as well as Preparation for Confirmation classes for those wishing to be confirmed as Christians. To learn more about any of these contact the Parish Office.

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